Telugu Cinema: Sad story of innocent exhibitors in overseas

Telugu cinema market is seeing great progression not only in India and but also in major overseas markets like the US and Australia. Cashing in on the expanded market, our makers are quoting huge prizes for overseas distribution.

If no option left distributors are grabbing right for the price quoted by the producer and cleverly selling the movie rights as area wise to enthusiastic exhibitors. The overseas distributors are finalizing the deals on MG basis which means the concerned exhibitor should share the profits with the distributor if the film exceeds the projected break-even target.

In recent times, biggies like F2, Majili, Jersey and Chitralahari were sold on the same basis for which all the distributors witnessed good profits but except for F2, all other film exhibitors faced losses. In the times where a film earning profits is a big deal again sharing percentage in profits has become a huge hurdle for the third party takers.

With this kind of policy, many exhibitors, who are coming into the cinema world with many dreams and quitting the field completely after facing a couple of failures.

Hope someone will address the sad story of innocent exhibitors in the overseas

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